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FAQs about Trust Deeds in Scotland, debt fees and more

As Scottish debt advice specialists, we're asked questions about debt solutions on a daily basis. From questions about Trust Deeds in Scotland to fees on debt solutions, check out our personal debt FAQs on TikTok.

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An alternative to a remortgage

In these challenging times, more people are finding themselves unable to secure a remortgage to clear their debts. Their credit ratings have been adversely affected due to financial struggles caused by the pandemic, so are looking for alternatives to deal with their debts. We look at one option.

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Beat The January Blues

It’s common to feel fed-up in the new year. The Christmas buzz has faded and the weather is probably wet and cold. So here are some suggestions to help you to beat the blues and bring some joy into your January.  

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Personal debt expert Ian Brown discusses the latest Scottish Government debt statistics.

Significant decrease in personal insolvencies while DAS applications slowly increase.

Personal debt expert Ian Brown discusses the latest Scottish Government debt statistics. Financial support packages to help people through the pandemic have resulted in a sharp decline in applications of certain debt solutions. However, an increase in DAS cases could signify the start of a worrying trend.

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The Rise of DAS During The Pandemic

The Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) continues to rise in popularity despite personal insolvencies falling during the pandemic.

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DAS - The Low and Grow Approach

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) have announced a further temporary change to the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS). Called ‘The Low and Grow’ approach, it allows debtors to start repaying their debts through DAS at a lower rate, increasing once circumstances improve.

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Reset your debt

We are acutely aware that the pandemic has created unexpected money problems for many people. We've created these short videos and guides to help you understand the options that are available to deal with your debt.

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Changes make DAS more accessible

The Accountant In Bankruptcy have announced that The Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 will come into force on 4 November 2019. Aft ...

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Debt Solutions UK Reviews

Debt Solutions Review

There are many ways of dealing with debt.  Here we take a look at three of the most effective debt solutions to provide a quick but thorough overview of how the ...

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