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Changes make DAS more accessible

debt solutions made more accessible in Scotland
TC Debt Solutions announce new DAS rules

The Accountant In Bankruptcy have announced that The Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 will come into force on 4 November 2019.

After engagement with all the stakeholders involved in DAS the regulations have been developed to increase the accessibility, flexibility and sustainability of the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) payment programmes introducing the following amendments to the Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2011:

  • Removal of all up-front and ongoing costs so that those struggling with debt have free access to DAS.
  • Introduction of revised fee charging arrangements that aim to increase the capacity to deliver DAS to help ensure that anyone who can benefit can access it.
  • Access to emergency payment breaks to help people cope with the unexpected expense that every-day life can bring.
  • Streamlining decision making processes so that people can take control of their finances and gain the protections needed as quickly as possible.

These welcome changes will make DAS more accessible to everyone and mean that private sector Money Advisers, such as TC Debt Solutions, will be able to help more people facing problem debt without charging a fee directly to them. Any fees will now be borne by creditors.

For more information on DAS or if you need help with any problem debt please contact Ian Brown on 07519 124657 or email:


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Ian Brown

Ian Brown

Ian is an expert in the Debt Arrangement Scheme and Business Debt Arrangement Scheme, assisting individuals, sole traders and partnerships.

He also advises on personal debt solutions recommending the best option to resolve problem debt issues.

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