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Help with personal debt problems

We are acutely aware that the pandemic has created unexpected money problems for many people. Job insecurity and changing restrictions can make balancing your budgets extremely challenging. You might find yourself facing debt issues for the first time and not sure what to do. We've created these short videos and guides to help you understand the options that are available.

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Your Credit Rating

Ian Brown provides an overview of credit ratings, credit reference agencies and credit files, and what to do once your debt case is closed.

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credit rating help

Business Debt Arrangement Scheme

Business DAS FAQs

Ian Brown answers the most common questions around the Business Debt Arrangement Scheme or DAS.

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An overview of a Business DAS

Ian Brown explains how a Business Debt Arrangement Scheme or DAS can help qualifying businesses that have problem debt. The scheme allows them to continue to trade and to re-pay their unsecured debts within a 5 year period.


What is Bankruptcy?

This video covers the 2 key criteria that must be met to file for bankruptcy, the 3 types of bankruptcy that are available and the special changes that have been made as a result of Covid-19. Ian also covers questions like 'Is it the right thing to do?' and 'What happens when you file for bankruptcy?' 

Bankruptcy - The Application Process

Our Senior Insolvency Manager Ian Brown outlines how you can get some breathing space to consider your options and how to apply for bankruptcy if that proves to be the best solutions to your problem debt.

Bankruptcy advantages and disadvantages.

Ian Brown highlights the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy. 

What is Bankruptcy?

Trust Deed

What is a Trust Deed?

This video covers what a Trust Deed is, plus the advantages, disadvantages and serious considerations required before selecting it as a solution for debt issues. 

trust deed explained by Scottish debt expert

Debt Arrangement Scheme

What is the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) - Part 1

This video covers what a DAS is, how it can help deal with personal debt and who it is suitable for.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) process explained - Part 2

This video explains the process that it follows.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) FAQs - Part 1

This video answers common questions like 'Do all debts have to be included?' and 'How long does it last?'

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) FAQs - Part 2

This video answers common questions like 'What happens if I miss a payment?' and 'How long does a DAS stay on your credit file?'

Debt Arrangement Scheme explained

The latest Statutory Debt Solutions figures from the Scottish Government and how these compare to pre-Covid statistics. 

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About the author

Ian Brown

Ian Brown

Ian is an expert in the Debt Arrangement Scheme and Business Debt Arrangement Scheme, assisting individuals, sole traders and partnerships.

He also advises on personal debt solutions recommending the best option to resolve problem debt issues.

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