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You need to act now

If you have fallen behind in your rent or mortgage payments, you need to act now. Keeping a roof over your head, and over your family’s heads, is a priority for everyone. That’s why mortgage and rent arrears are considered priority debts.

mortgage and rent arrears are priority debts

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What should I do if I have rent arrears debts?

You need to contact your landlord immediately.

The best thing you can do is to explain the circumstances that have led to you falling behind and show them your budget to demonstrate that you are doing everything possible to pay.

By being transparent and upfront, you may be able to reach an agreement with your landlord to pay back what you owe over a given period.

However, failing to take action will simply mean that your landlord could start to take action to get you evicted from your home.

quick action is needed

What should I do if I have mortgage debt?

Mortgage debt is one of the most distressing debt problems that a person can face.  Like rent arrears, mortgage arrears bring with them a very real risk of losing your home and often your family’s home.

Unlike rent arrears, mortgage arrears are a secured debt, and this opens up a whole range of legal options for lenders to take court action against you and repossess your home if you fail to meet your contractual obligation to make payments on time and in full.

Quick action is needed

As with rent arrears, taking quick action on your part is of prime importance. You need to provide an explanation of how the situation has arisen and agree a way forward.  It may well be the case that your circumstances have suddenly changed - perhaps through you or your partner losing your job for example, or a relationship breakdown.

Whatever the reason, you need to talk to your lender and try to reach an agreement.

They may very well agree to a 3-month payment break or put you on to an interest-only mortgage for a while to give you a chance to recover your financial position so you can make full payments again.  Another option that your lender might be willing to explore with you is to increase the number of years left on your mortgage, which will in turn reduce your monthly payments.

If you cannot reach an agreement with your mortgage lender, you will need to make your mortgage arrears and your mortgage repayments top priority.

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How can we help you to deal with rent and mortgage arrears?

If you are struggling with mortgage or rent arrears debts and have other unsecured debts, then please seek our advice first.

Our trusted advisers will guide you through your options. You can email them 24 hours a day on

Don't panic

What if I am dealing with other unmanageable debts as well as mortgage or rent arrears?

It is quite often the case that people struggling with mortgage or rent arrears are also trying to deal with a range of other unsecured debts too.

This simply reflects general financial difficulties that anyone can find themselves in, given the right set of circumstances.  If this is you, don’t panic, there are ways of dealing with such situations.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

One way, if you live in Scotland, is a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS).  Set up by the Scottish Government, the Debt Arrangement Scheme is a useful alternative to insolvency.

It is an effective way of preventing aggressive court actions being taken by creditors including HMRC,  banks, etc. and it allows you to manage your unsecured debts and work your way to a debt-free and much happier future.

Protected Trust Deed

Other options we can explore with you include a Protected Trust Deed if you are dealing with unsecured debts of £5,000 or more, and you live in Scotland.

A Protected Trust Deed will help you pay off your debts while making life much easier for you and those close to you.

Although it is a form of insolvency, it is really simply a formal agreement between you and your creditors.


If you are a resident in Scotland and have over £3,000 of unsecured debts that you cannot pay back, then bankruptcy may be an option for you.

It gives you a way out of what can be seemingly overwhelming debt. Filing for bankruptcy in the right circumstances, can be the correct thing to do.

It is best to take expert advice before considering bankruptcy.

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