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Other Debts

In our website, you can see all of the most well-known areas of debt – but there are also many other types of debt that can be just as onerous and stressful.

Some of these are listed below, but, whatever type of debt or combination of debts you are facing, at TC Debt Solutions we have the financial and debt counselling expertise that can help you to find a way out of your present difficulties.

We will lift the weight off your shoulders by dealing directly with all your debt problems and getting your finances in order – so you can have a brighter, stress-free future

23% of households in Scotland are currently living in extreme fuel poverty

Utility Bills Debts

The price of utilities has risen exponentially over the past few years, and this has caused major problems for households across Scotland.  Current figures from Fuel Poverty Scotland reveal that 34% of households in Scotland are currently living in fuel poverty and 23% are living in extreme fuel poverty.

Alongside rising prices that have driven many people into unmanageable arrears, utility companies can be quick to take action and cut off your supply if you fall behind with payments.

If you have fallen behind with payments or are experiencing difficulties, you should speak to your utility provider and try to work out a repayment plan.  We can advise you here about the best way to proceed.

Often, people who are having problems paying such bills are also having problems with debts in other areas too.  At TC Debt Solutions we can help you to find a way out of all of these problems.

Payday loans are all over the media

Payday Loans Debts

Lenders spend vast amounts of advertising budget to target people when they have hit a low and are experiencing problems that have an immediate impact on their day-to-day living.

These short-term loans can easily become longer-term debts for someone and they come with eye-watering rates of interest that can rapidly escalate your debts to new levels, with all the stress and strain that that brings with it.

If you are struggling with payday loan debts, please speak to the team at TC Debt Solutions to see how we can help you.

We can shield you from Sheriff officer debts

Sheriff Officer Debts

Many debts end up in the hands of sheriff officer who will pursue you for those debts – often in quite robust ways that can lead to a degree of distress in some cases.

At TC Debt Solutions, we have long experience of dealing with such methods of debt recovery and shielding you from them.

We can provide advice and support throughout, and act as intermediaries for you – dealing directly with sheriff officers and creditors on your behalf.

They can take money from your bank account and wages

Child Maintenance Debts

In child maintenance matters, each parent has a financial responsibility for their children.

However, where people are separating or getting divorced then it is usually the parent who is not living with them on a day-to-day basis, and who consequently does not have daily care of the child or children, who is obliged to pay child maintenance.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) is quick to pursue arrears if you have fallen behind with your child maintenance payments.

Like HMRC, they have special powers of enforcement and can take money from your bank account and wages – alternatively, they could apply for a court order.

We understand the heartache of divorces

Divorce Debts

Divorce can be financially as well as emotionally draining.

At TC Debt Solutions, we can help if you are wrestling with divorce debts that have put you into a difficult and seemingly intractable financial position.

We have decades of in-house specialist experience and will treat you and your case with the respect and sensitivity that you deserve.  We understand the true cost of breakdowns in a human relationships and the feelings involved.

If divorce debt has put you into a difficult financial position, please speak to the TC Debt Solutions team and we can provide advice and support to you.

Gambling debts do have a big impact

Gambling Debts

More and more people are finding themselves caught up in gambling debts that have left them feeling completely overwhelmed and despairing.

Gambling debts can have a big impact on other debts that also need to be repaid, and creditors are as quick to chase gambling debts as they are any other debt.

As with other debts, individuals who are struggling with gambling debts will want to hide such debts from their nearest and dearest whilst taking on the full burden of worry themselves.

In everything we do at TC Debt Solutions, we will help you in a completely non-judgemental way: we are human and understand all the problems that people can find themselves facing

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